From cables, couplings and consumables to hawsers, hoses and hammers – our dedicated Account Management team can help track down any ship store you can imagine. Our services are fast and reliable. We support the entire process from initial needs consultation, communication and ordering.


We have excellent supplier contacts to purchase the entire range of your necessities, including most popular brand items. Working with the Marine Stores guides IMPA and ISSA, we also offer an extensive array of technical goods upon request.

Karagiannidis & Sons offers the complete range of technical stores according to ISSA, IMPA and many other Ship Stores Catalogues and is also specialized in the field of so called ‘as per sample’ supplies for uncoded and indefinable items. A well experienced technical purchase department is keen to prove his technical expertise. Extensive knowledge of the European based and International market as well as excellent relations with our sub-contractors ensure on-time and cost-saving delivery of even the most difficult to provide technical marine part.

Y O U R   T E C H N I C A L   S T O R E   C O N T A C T

Nadine Bergholz

+49 (0) 421 277 41 - 0


+49 (0) 421 277 41 - 0

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